Red River College is committed to ensuring the safety and health for all workers and students.

Health Centre

Healthcare programs at RRC require their students to maintain an up-to-date immunization and testing record.  Immunizations and tests can be administered to students either through Red River College (RRC) Health Services department or through student’s own healthcare providers.  Throughout the year, students have the option of attending immunization days or scheduling individual appointments through Health Services.  All immunizations are free through RRC Health Services, and tuberculin skin tests (TST / Mantoux) are provided at a reduced cost.

Respiratory Fit Test

Various programs at Red River College, including welding, nursing, and painting & decorating require students to wear Respiratory Protection in the form of half-face respirators, full-face respirators and N95 respirators.  Respirators protect the wearer from various respiratory hazards including hazardous chemicals, suspected and known carcinogens, and biological hazards including tuberculosis.  Workers and students are required to be fit tested in accordance with the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Manitoba Regulation 217/2006, Part 6.15 and CSA Standard Z94.4-11.

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